M.Div. in Professional Coaching

Master of Divinity in Professional Coaching


Master of Divinity in Professional Coaching program is a M.Div degree program with an emphasis on coaching education to prepare a pastor with Christian based coaching as well as general coaching.

Thank you for visiting PTSA’s Master of Divinity in Professional Coaching program. Our M.Div programs are accredited by ATS which is the top accrediting institution in the US and Canada. You will be able to receive one of the best M.Div educations in the US. Our program combines pastoral studies with professional coaching to develop pastor-coach that can lead in diverse areas of ministry. You will be able to hone in on your Christian-coaching skills by studying practical theology and other related topics. It will enhance your professionalism and enable you to become a more effective leader in your ministry.

Program at a Glance

Total Credits 81 Credits
Years to Complete 3 Years
Delivery Platforms Blended
[On campus & Online]
Acceditation ATS,ABHE

Program Goal

  • Religious inheritance: Deep understanding of the bible at the Master’s level
  • Formation of Spirituality: Developing Spirituality to become like Christ
  • Cultural Environment: Understanding diverse cultures and studying the humanities and social science with a biblical point of view.
  • Developing Pastors and Leadership
  • Professional Coaching training

Education Process

Core Course:
Biblical Theology
  • - OT520 Old Testament I
  • - OT521 Old Testament II
  • - NT510 New Testament I
  • - NT520 New Testament II
  • - BS501 Hermeneutics
Core Course:
Systematic Theology
  • - ST501 Theology I
  • - ST502 Theology II
Core Course:
Historical Theology
  • - CH510 History of World Church
  • - CH540 History of Korean Church &Immigrant Church
Core Course:
Pastoral Theology
  • - PT602 Preaching Practicum
  • - PT510 Preaching
  • - PT515 KPCA Confession and Polity
  • - PT600 Introduction to Ministry & Ministerial Mentoring
Core Course:
Spiritual Theology
  • - PT510 Preaching
Core Course:
Coaching Program
  • - CP Coaching Program
Core Course:
Choose one course from below as a core course
  • - PC500 Introduction to Coaching
  • - PC571 Christian Life Coaching
  • - PC530 Coaching Psychology
  • - PC512 Coaching and Leadership
  • - PC545 Bible&coaching
  • - PC560 Coaching Competency Seminar
  • - PC540 Coaching & Language Studies
  • - PC565 Coaching Ministry
Core Course:
Choose one course from the list of Coaching Electives
  • - PC570 Group Mentor Coaching
  • - PC580 Coaching Supervision
  • - PC575 Group Coaching & Facilitation
  • - PC600 Psychological Assessment Seminar


Chung, Peter

Director of MAPC

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