Master of Arts in Professional Coaching


We strive for a God led Christian Coaching Model and with the help of the Holy Spirit, prepare Christian Coaching leaders with Bible centered and Theology based views.

Master of Arts in Professional Coaching program focuses on developing leaders that can display lateral coaching leadership with professionalism and character that this information driven society needs.

Graduates from the program will be able to enter diverse fields including personal coaching, study coaching, and business coaching. Students already engaged in coaching activities will be able to further develop their skills as professionals with deeper academic study into the field. We work together to produce specialized coaching professionals through coaching sessions from outstanding faculty and staff.

Program at a Glance

Total Credits 36 Credits
Years to Complete 2 Years
Delivery Platforms Blended
[On campus & Online]
Acceditation ABHE

Program Goal

  • Develop Christian coaches with foundations in biblical and theological view points
  • Develop coaches with general coaching specialties that the society needs while also opening doors to Missions
  • Develop outstanding coaches with in depth knowledge of psychology and counseling theories
  • Develop specialized licensed coaches that are balanced in theory and practical applications

Education Process

Core Course:
Core Course
  • - PC500 Introduction to Coaching
  • - PC 517 Christian Life Coaching
  • - PC 530 Coaching Psychology
  • - PC512 Coaching and Leadership
  • - PC545 Bible&coaching
  • - PC560 Coaching Competency Seminar
  • - PC540 Coaching & Language Studies
  • - PC565 Coaching Ministry
Core Course:
  • - PC570 Group Mentor Coaching
  • - PC580 Coaching Supervision
  • - PC575 Group Coaching & Facilitation
  • - PC600 Psychological Assessment Seminar


Chung, Peter

Director of M.A. in Professional Coaching

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