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Learning our times
Leading our times
Leader of our times

PTSA, Cultivating tomorrow’s leaders, today.

PTSA’s diverse degree programs are designed to produce tomorrow’s leaders that resemble Jesus Christ:
competent leaders with Christian worldviews and a creative mind.
The mission of PTSA is to train students to lead a mission-oriented life: that is to lead a Christ centered
life with the knowledge of knowing Jesus Christ and becoming mature in his character, at wherever God might lead
(multi-generationally, multi-ethnically, multi-racially) and to guide others to the same path.

Profound Preparation

Theology that does not waiver, in a time of rapid change. Spirituality that Unites, in a society that alienates.

Theology that does not waiver, in a time of rapid change.
Spirituality that Unites, in a society that alienates.
All programs at PTSA are centered around building spiritual maturity based on the Gospel and education rooted in the bible.
Our goal is to cultivate spiritual leaders in all different sectors of society,
that are balanced in piety and academics so that the kingdom of God may be realized on earth.

How Can We Help?

The academic programs at PTSA prepare students to become spiritual leaders in both the church as well as in different fields of the society.
PTSA offers diverse learning platforms that can be optimized to fit individual learning styles and needs, to help achieve their academic goals.

All baccalaureate programs offered at PTSA utilize the concepts of each course and the gifts of individuals
to produce pragmatic, hands-on, Christians that will serve the church and the community.

All baccalaureate programs offered at PTSA utilize the concepts of each course, dispositions of each person,
and their practical experience, to develop Christian leaders of the church and the community.

program overview


Thank you for your interest in our Doctorate Program. Our Mission is the lead a Missional life. That is to live a Christ centered life as well as helping others to the same path by growing our knowledge of Christ and becoming more mature in Christ’s character. Through the high standard academic curriculum, our Doctorate program’s goal is to produce capable and ready Ministers. We strive to expand the kingdom of God by producing Pastors, Missionaries, and professional counselors. Please join PTSA Doctorate program that is producing leaders, leading the times.

Educational Purpose

Our program offers the one of the top degrees in the field of Missiology. It is designed to meet the changing context of the Diaspora Mission field focusing on the practical application. Missiology crosses into all kinds of boundaries in order to spread the power of the Gospel. All academic knowledge and spirituality that is dealt within the program is related to the Missionary Dimension and Missionary Intention. That is to aid in spreading the Word of God to the ends of the earth to complete God’s Whole Church.

Synchronous and asynchronous classes are offered in all programs.

Doctor of Intercultural Studies 32 Credits Blended
[On campus & Online]
2-3 years >>
Ph.D. in Contextual Studies 48 Credits Blended
[On campus & Online]
3-5 years >>
Doctor of Ministry 32 Credits Blended
[On campus & Online]
2-3 years >>
Doctor of Counseling Psychology 46 Credits Blended
[On campus & Online]
3-5 years >>

“Passionate professors providing in-depth knowledge and isdom to students eager to learn” .

“Theology program teaches that the only true hope is in Jesus Christ nd how to live the life befitting that faith.”


A: Minimum 3.4 GPA from MA degree program Must satisfy one of the following: Over 5 years of Mission ministry (Plus 5 yrs since commission, applicant or spouse) Over 5 years since being ordained as a pastor (applicant or spouse) *If applicant meets all other criteria but does not meet the above 5year minimum requirement, Admissions office will determine the acceptance.

> Pastor: 15% of tuition each semester Missionary: 30% of tuition each semester (Must provide proof of commission from the sending institute each semester, must be registered in 2 or more classes (8 units)