Ph.D. in Contextual Studies


The Doctor of Philosophy in Contextual Studies equips students to produce research and writing, at the highest academic competence, in Christian mission and ministry contexts.

Students will deepen their understanding of cultural diversity, contextual realities, and sociocultural change.

Students integrate theology, missiology and social sciences, thereby offering their original scholarly research to be a meaningful contribution to the global Christian community.

Consequently, students are equipped for the vocations of teaching and research at the university and seminary level.

Strengths of the Missiology Ph.D. Program

Highest academic level degree in the Missiology field.

Lower tuition compared to other international graduate school degree programs with various scholarship opportunities.

Dynamic professor- student and student-student interaction enabled by online learning platform CANVAS.

Courses that provide practical help in the mission context and customized dissertation guide.

Program at a Glance

Total Credits 17 Credits
Years to Complete 3-5 Years
Delivery Platforms Blended
[On campus & Online]
Acceditation ABHE

Program Goal

  • Gain comprehensive knowledge in the field of Missiology at the Ph.D degree level.
  • Develop the ability to author original research and dissertations in the field of Missiology that will further contribute to the church, Missions, and society.
  • Develop relevant and extensive knowledge in the field of theology research and religious studies.
  • Develop scholarly characteristics to continue the learning process, teach, and research by understanding the vocation of scholarly research.
  • Produce high level servant-leaders that will be able to execute Missional ministry in the church and in Mission organization.

Education Process

Core Course:
Independent Study/Tutorials
  • - PI810 Tutorial 1
  • - PI820 Tutorial 2
  • - PI830 Tutorial 3
Core Course:
Dissertation (Core Courses, 1 classes with 8 units)
  • - Proposal (0 unit)
  • - Comprehensive Examination (0 unit)
  • - PR885 Doctoral Seminar (0 unit)
  • - PR895 Dissertation (8 units)


Im, Peter Yuntaeg

Director of Doctor of Intercultural Studies and Ph.D. in Contextual Studies

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