Doctor of Counseling Psychology


Healing Hearts, Transforming Lives: Where Spiritual Insight Meets Expertise

The Doctor of Counseling Psychology program aims to equip students with comprehensive knowledge

and practical skills in counseling psychology, coaching, and spiritual direction.

The overarching goal is to prepare students to integrate these disciplines effectively,

both in theory and practice, for the purpose of addressing the diverse needs within the field of ministry and practice.

This program is driven by a theological perspective, recognizing the importance of theological foundations in counseling,

and seeks to produce highly competent professionals capable of applying their expertise in clinical, pastoral, and spiritual care settings.

Program at a Glance

Total Credits 46 Credits
Years to Complete 3-5 Years
Delivery Platforms Blended
[On campus & Online]
Acceditation ABHE

Program Goal

  1. Students will research and develop a model that integrates counseling, coaching, and spiritual guidance through practical theology class to attempt integration, while taking into account 2,000 years of Christian history and tradition and clearly including biblical values and norms.
  2. By approaching people from an integrated perspective when dealing with people in the field, students are able to broadly understand humans and their problems and at the same time demonstrate integrated care skills. Learning and mastering the basic practices of counseling, spiritual guidance, and coaching together is like welcoming patients with the facilities and capabilities of a general hospital.
  3. Students utilize counseling and coaching skills in an integrated manner while also utilizing spiritual guidance that deals with their relationship with God. This not only allows them to approach human problems from the perspective of general psychology, but also to understand them in terms of their relationship with God, and to live as a faithful Christian seeking help from the living God.
  4. Students live as mature believers who know how to use spiritual guidance not only as a means to solve problems as care professionals, but also as a spiritual training tool for mature believers who solve problems in their own families and raising children from Gods perspective.

Education Process

Core Course:
Core (8 Course)
  • - CP700 Practical Theology and Integrative Approach for Caring Ministry
  • - CP705 Theoretical Foundations: Psychological Theories and Spiritual Counseling
  • - CP750 Spirituality and Psychology
  • - CP770 Spiritual & Existential Coaching
  • - CP710 Counseling Techniques and Interventions
  • - CP800 Research Methodology and Data Analysis
  • - CP790 Case Study with Practicum for Integrative Practices
  • - CP815 P/N Comprehensive Exam
Core Course:
Other Electives
  • - CP755 Advanced Spiritual Direction
  • - CP715 Psychological Assessment and Its Application to Counseling Session
  • - CP775 Evidence-Based Coaching with Psychological Theories
Core Course:
  • - CP810 Colloquium for Dissertation Proposal
  • - CP850 Dissertation


Oh, Kyoo Hoon

Director of DCP

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