English M.Div.

English Master of Divinity


Our Master of Divinity (M.Div.) program is designed to nurture church leaders who are prepared to engage and uplift diverse communities. With a curriculum grounded in a mission-first philosophy, we provide essential training in cultural competency for a varied ministry landscape. We're dedicated to equipping you with the skills to understand and connect with evolving communities, enabling you to lead with empathy and strategic insight in a world that's more connected than ever.

Program at a Glance

Total Credits 59 Credits
Years to Complete 3 Years
Delivery Platforms Blended
[On campus & Online]
Acceditation ATS,ABHE

Program Goal

Biblical Mastery: Attain a profound comprehension of the Scriptures at a Master's level.

Spiritual Formation: Cultivate a Christ-like spirituality for personal and communal growth.

Cultural Contextualization: Gain insights into diverse cultures and explore humanities and social sciences through a biblical lens.

Leadership Development: Build the essential skills for pastoral leadership and organizational stewardship.

To achieve the Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree, students must successfully complete 74 units, which includes a core curriculum and elective courses of their choice.

Education Process

Core Course:
Biblical Theology
  • - OT520 Old Testament I
  • - OT521 Old Testament II
  • - NT510 New Testament I
  • - NT520 New Testament II
Core Course:
Theological Studies
  • - ST501 Theology I
  • - ST502 Theology II
  • - ST504 Contemporary Christian Ethics
  • - CH510 History of World Church
Core Course:
Spirituality of Ministry
  • - PT520 Practice and Transformation of Prayer
  • - PT530 Crisis ministry and Pastoral Care
Core Course:
Practical Theology of Studies
  • - PT501 Preaching
  • - PT602 Preaching Practicum
  • - PT605 Introduction of Christian Liturgy and Worship
  • - PT500 Introduction of Christian counseling
  • - PT505 Introduction of Christian Education
  • - FWI01 Field Study of Ministry (1 unit)
  • - FWI02 Field Study of Ministry (1 unit)
Core Course:
Ministry of Cross-Cultural and Post-Modernism Context
  • - GE500 Christian Humanities
Core Course:
Korean-American Ministry Studies
  • - CH540 History of Korean Church &Immigrant Church
  • - PT550 KM/EM Ministry Context
  • - PT555 Cross-cultural Ministry of KM/EM Korean church


Kim, Rubin

Dean of Research Grant and Development
SEVIS (DSO) Officer

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