Message from President


It is an honor for us to train godly men and women who set their hearts on service to the Kingdom of God. 
As stewards of your noble ambitions, we strive to develop an effective training program.  Many people have helped provide you with this training opportunity.  People have prayed, worked, studied, given large amounts of money, and volunteered hours of time because training you is a ministry worth performing.  Now, as you take advantage of the training these people have provided for you, you are stewards of the effort they have given for your equipping.  Study hard.  What you gain here will serve you for the rest of your life.  Strive to

  develop your mind

  gain experience and skills in ministry

  let the Holy Spirit reveal and improve your character

  and press on to know God

Thus, you will make us proud to someday tell future students that we fellowshipped with you while you trained for ministry. In addition to being a place of equipping and education, this is a place where you will make lifelong friends.  We welcome you to this community and ask you to reach out to welcome those around you.  Let us love one another.  For love is of God.  

Someday, your ministries may be helpful to each other. We also invite you to get to know our instructors.  We ask them to be mentors, disciplers and friends ? not merely distant lecturers.

 You can help them do this by speaking with them after of class, asking them to pray about your personal needs, meeting with them during office hours, sitting with them in the dining area, and otherwise reaching out to them while they also try to reach out to you.Finally, this is a place to consider your future.  

God is big enough to have some surprises for you.  As you study,listen for any guidance God may give you.  All gifts, callings, and parts of the body are important. Zealous laymen, ministers, pastors, missionaries, and other types of leaders are crucial.  Remember that there is never a shortage of opportunities to serve God.

Instead of striving for the most prestigious positions, ask God what He longs to see done.  Consider that there is not a shortage of Korean people who want to engage in traditional ministries.  There is a serious shortage of people who want to serve God on many mission fields.  There are other types of needs that could be met if you were to start some type of organization or ministry (e.g. among people in jail, among children without fathers, using visual or performing arts to communicate a Christian message among non-believers, encouraging people in difficult ministries, helping believers in communist lands).Study hard, love each other, and surrender to any purpose God may have for your life.  Then, come back to campus after you graduate to tell future students about how God is using you and how God can use them.  Encourage them to also study hard, love each other, and surrender to any purpose God may have for them.  Welcome.

Think of a specialty and chances are good we offer an undergraduate degree in that subject.