Mission and Goals

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to equip men and women for missional living by training them to grow in the knowledge and character of Christ, to live a Christ-centered life, and to lead others to do the same, in any setting God places them, whether it is multigenerational, multiracial, or multiethnic. We seek to accomplish this both in the narrow context of the parent denomination, the Korean Presbyterian Church Abroad (KPCA), and the wider context of the global kingdom of God.

Institutional Goals of PTSA

In response to the needs of KPCA, PTSA primarily provides theological and spiritual formation education integrated with ministry skills to students who will serve as pastors in the KPCA; and secondarily prepares servant leaders for the diverse ministries for the global kingdom of God

1. High Quality Theological Education PTSA’s faculty, over 90% of whom have doctoral degrees from outstanding seminaries in the United States, offer high quality theological education where students will gain a proficient understanding of God and His Word and learn research skills that will equip them to conduct sound research.

2. Dynamic Spiritual Formation Education PTSA’s spiritual formation education takes a holistic and integrative approach to lead students to grow deeper in their knowledge of, and love for, God, self, and others, which will be reflected in their Christ-centered life lived out in whatever setting God places them.

3. Global Leadership Education PTSA’s leadership education strives to raise up leaders who will have the heart of servants and lead by example, integrating biblical and theological knowledge with professional skills in ministerial and public leadership.

4. Cultural Education Across Disciplines PTSA strives to train students to critically discern the truth wherever it is found (that is, both in special revelation, the Bible, and in general revelation, the general academic disciplines such as humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, arts) and evaluate it from a biblical perspective, integrate with theology, and apply to their life and ministry.

5. Bilingual Education PTSA opened Santa Fe Language & Culture School in January 2014 and provides students and local residents with English and culture education to prepare students for more effective global ministry.