Every semester, the Presbyterian Theological Seminary of America awards scholarships to worthy, qualified students. (Detailed information on scholarship aid is available at the main office or from the Dean of Student Affairs).

Scholarship Committee
The Scholarship Committee has the task of screening the awarding for scholarships. It is organized by these officials as followed: the President, the Dean of Academic Affairs, the Dean of Student Affairs, and the Financial Aid Officer.
All scholarships are awarded based on the individual's acceptance as a full-time student at the Presbyterian Theological Seminary in America. In the case that several selected students happen to have the same GPA, the scholarship will be based on the attendance rate for the chapel of the previous semester. Most scholarships are awarded for once per year only and are normally divided evenly between the fall and spring semesters. The student must reapply each academic year and indicate a desire to maintain the scholarship. However, in the cases in which the selected recipient happens to be graduating, then he or she will not be eligible to receive it, because scholarships are not paid in cash but in tuition fees.
The Presbyterian Theological Seminary offers scholarships for: spouses/family members, pastors/missionaries, pastor’s/missionary’s son or daughter (under 40, single), and family members of the faculty and the staff (please see tuition and fees). PTSA also offers several limited scholarships to students based on need. Students who have been selected to receive multiple scholarships will only be awarded a scholarship complies with the decision of the Scholarship Committee.

Three types of scholarships are available for students:

The Academic Achievement Scholarship: Two B.Th. students, one M.A.C.C.P student ( If the number of full time students exceeds that of 10 people, the number of award could possibly  change to help accommodate such a group),  and Three M.Div. students with the highest grade point average (GPA) from the previous semester will each receive a scholarship for their next semester. This scholarship is normally between $500 and $1,500 each. If a student’s GPA is not higher than 3.0 or the requirement of the Chapel attendance is not met, then the student is not eligible.

The Financial Need Scholarship:  Students who have financial needs are invited to obtain an application from the school office. They are to complete the application and submit it to the Student Dean. The Scholarship Committee will consider the applications for the following academic semester.

The Designated Scholarship:  A church or organization may choose a student to support, or they may provide a scholarship for a particular type of student which will be announced when available.  Students should see the student dean to apply for a designated scholarship.