Admission Procedure


Required Documents:

Applications for admission are accepted until one week prior to the new academic year. In addition to the application for the appropriate desired program, applicants must submit the following credentials to the Main Office/Dean of Academic Affairs:


  • Application with two I.D. photos
  • Official certificate of graduation
  • Official transcript of school last attended
  • A statement of the applicant's Christian faith, vocational objectives and reasons for seeking admission to the Seminary
  • A letter of recommendation from the applicant's pastor, on a form supplied by Presbyterian Theological Seminary in America
  • Information (e.g. official bank statements of last three months and financial affidavit) attesting to their ability to provide United States dollars in the minimum amount required to support the costs of tuition and room and board, in excess of the cost of a round-trip fare from his/her native country. Applicants who do not have the finances to pay all of their expenses must come under the sponsorship of an approved organization/agency/individual. Sponsorship must include financial responsibility toward the sponsored student for the entire cost of the program


GPA requirements for admission to graduate degree programs:
             M.Div.: 2.5 overall GPA


Students will be admitted to the graduate degree program with a Bachelor's and/or Master's degree from the institutions approved by the Government, public or private institutions of higher learning accredited by an accrediting association recognized by the United States Department of Education, Korean Ministry of Education or equivalent government agency from the student’s country.